How Do You Care For Bamboo Sheets To Keep Them In Top Condition?

Bamboo sheets, without doubt, have so many benefits which are why most people have turned to them over the usual cotton sheets. The soft bed sheets are very strong and durable, offering you comfortable sleeping for an extended period of time without needing replacement. But with the wrong handling and cleaning, you may not be in a position to enjoy all the good points of bamboo sheets. Even if you are looking for best value sheets, it is essential that you read care instructions and follow them, so you do not end up damaging your beautiful sheets. Here are some of the things you should have in mind if you are looking to keep your sheets looking and feeling great.

soft bed sheetsWashing bamboo sheets

  • If you have lyocell sheets, use cold water and gentle cycle every time you wash them.
  • Wash your sheets separately to avoid zippers, hooks and also rough fabrics from damaging the sheets.
  • Separating the sheets is also very important to keep them from collecting lint from items such as blankets and towels.
  • Only use a mild liquid detergent that is biodegradable. Keep off harsh chemicals, fabric softeners, and bleach as they only damage the sheets and rob them off their beauty and strength. Remember the soft bed sheets are already soft, hence no need to soften them.
  • To brighten the bamboo sheets, consider stain remover and pre-soak that is eco-friendly.
  • When you buy sheets online, confirm whether you can machine wash them or not.

Drying your bamboo sheets

  • Line drying the sheets is recommended. Ensure they drape flat on your line, so fibers are preserved, texture and color as well.
  • If you choose a dryer, then always choose a low tumble cycle and remove the sheets from dryer immediately the cycle is done to prevent wrinkles.

Dealing with wrinkles

  • Whereas most bamboo sheets do not wrinkle easily, you may have to deal with wrinkles now and then. Do not leave them in the dryer to prevent the wrinkling.
  • Try light ironing to eliminate any creases you do not like. Because they are not as deep as cotton creases, falling out is pretty easy.
  • When ironing, ensure to set the iron box at lowest possible setting. Steam should be avoided whenever possible.

Storing bamboos sheets

  • The soft bed sheets should be folded properly if being stored away. You should not store them in plastic containers as they easily trap moisture, which could result in mildew and yellowing.
  • You can use the breathable bamboo bag you bought them in to store them. Avoid cardboard as it can transfer acids onto the fabric.
  • Remember to store in dry, cool place and away from sunlight to maintain their vividness.

These are general care tips for your soft bed sheets produced from bamboo. You, however, should always follow care instructions given by manufacturers as they know their sheets best. Learn everything there is to bamboo sheets and keeping them in good condition will be blissful.